by on December 30, 2018
Leatherman continues to upgrade one of the most trustworthy multi-tools in the world. The Wave Plus features 18 different tools, most of which are utilitarian classics, but adds replaceable, durable wire cutters to the collection. Additionally, the tool features needlenose pliers, regular pliers, an electrical crimper, wire stripper, a regular and a serrated knife, a saw, and spring-action scissors. A small and large bit driver is also included, along with an 8-inch ruler, bottle and can openers...
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by on December 30, 2018
Sized for a keychain and so light you'll forget it's there, Leatherman's Micra Multi-Tool leaves you no excuse for being unprepared. It packs an impressive number of capabilities into its compact, folding body, including scissors, a knife, flat and Phillips screwdrivers, a ruler, tweezers, a nail cleaner, file, and bottle opener. BUY / 30$ #Leatherman #Micra #MultiTool
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by on December 30, 2018
Get maximum utility for minimal weight with the award-winning CRKT Snap-Lock Knife. Designed by Virginia's Ed Van Hoy, it has a stainless steel wishbone frame that greatly reduces weight while fully protecting the sharpened edge. To use the 2.5-inch, triple point serrated HRC blade, simply push down on the cam lever and rotate 180º to lock it in place; reverse the process to close. An ambidextrous clip can hold bills or attach to a pocket, and the included quick-release paracord lanyard contrast...
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by on November 11, 2018
Backed by Pelican to last a lifetime, this Tailgate Cooler is the perfect game day companion. Each one is made in the USA with a tall design that holds up to 15 cans or 4 bottles of wine upright using the 2:1 ice ratio and keep it all cold from kickoff through overtime. The 20-quart cooler features easy to use press and pull latches that hold tight under pressure, and four molded can holders to keep your drinks secure on top during the festivities. The cooler is finished with a built-in drain pl...
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by on November 11, 2018
Have yourself a cookout wherever you want with the Primus Onja Stove. As handy on backpacking adventures as it is for a trip to the beach, it has a folding design that makes it compact, a strap that makes it easy to carry, and dual 10,000 BTU burners to make cooking a snap. The design has the benefit of protecting the burners from wind, and the top is covered by an oak lid that doubles as a cutting or serving board once you've reached your destination. Width: 17" / Depth: 6" / Height: 11" / W...
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by on November 11, 2018
Brunton's TruArc Compass ensures you'll stay on course no matter how far off-the-grid you find yourself. The luminous compass provides a trustworthy light in dark situations with Azimuth, North pointing needle, vial bottom, arrow of direction, and sight that will keep glowing for up to 8 hours. Made in the USA, it's perfect for night navigation, and also has a map magnifier, sighting mirror, bubble level, lanyard, and a triple clinometers system for accurate information at a moment's notice. ...
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by on November 9, 2018
Using a novel design to improve the act of measuring, the Areaware Aluminum Ruler is likely the last ruler you'll need to buy. As usual, it measures inches on one side and centimeters on the other, but instead of leaving you with endless straight lines, it uses red dots to signify especially important whole numbers, and curves to connect the measurements in between. The result is a tool that's similar to its predecessors in many ways, yet noticeably more enjoyable to use. Length: 20.5" / Widt...
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